Having Fun with Figurative Language

Teaching about figurative language can be difficult and boring! Teachers... it doesn't have to be this way! In the past few years I have grown to love teaching about figurative language and poetry. Now I find that my students LOVE learning about all of it too! Keep on reading to see how I make figurative language engaging, hands on and FUN!

Teaching About the Solar System

Do you cover the Solar System in science? It is one of my favorite units to teach because the kids are so curious and intrigued by everything beyond our Earth! This post is full of ideas, books, resources, videos and even a FREEBIE to help you teach all about the Solar System!

How to Love Book Clubs

Have you tried using book clubs (also known as literature circles) in your classroom? Book clubs have been present in my classroom for the past three years and they are still my favorite part of my day! Keep on reading to find out some tips and tricks for using book clubs in your classroom and truly loving them!