Searching & Saving Videos on Boclips

Searching for videos is my number one frustration with using videos in the classroom. I have tons of videos saved as bookmarks on my laptop, but keeping it all straight and finding videos easily can be time consuming. Boclips makes it so easy to search for relevant content and save videos to use for years to come! This post details how you can maximize your search and walks you through the best way to save the awesome videos you find.

How To: Share Videos & Generate QR Codes

Using video in the classroom is a great way to motivate and engage learners. This post is going to explore how you can use the site Boclips to find videos for your students, how to share videos using Google Classroom, and how to generate QR codes for videos.

Using Video in the Classroom

Integrating video into your classroom will increase engagement, facilitate learning, and excite your learners. This post shares a variety of ways that you can use video in the classroom and it even includes a FREE video response page for you to use with your students!