About Me

Hey There! 
Thanks for stopping by my blog. In case you don't know I am Cassie, a fourth grade teacher in Northern Minnesota. I have been teaching fourth grade for four years (that's a whole lot of fours...). I have self-contained classroom so I teach it all (science, math, reading, writing and social studies)!

You will definitely find a variety of resources here. Everything from science idea to literacy activities and definitely some technology pieces thrown in there too! I teach in a 1:1 iPad district so my students have access to technology every day, which is pretty great (but overwhelming at the same time). I am a tech nerd through and through. With the deepest part of my being, I believe that technology can make a difference in the education of a student if it is used appropriately.

About my personal life... I am happily married and we have three lovely children (the fur variety). We have two pugs and one very troublesome black lab.

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