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Hey There!
Thanks for stopping by! In case you don't know I am Cassie, a fifth grade teacher in Northern Minnesota. I have experience teaching both fourth and fifth grade (currently in fifth). I have self-contained classroom so I teach it all (science, math, reading, writing and social studies)! I have a fully flexible seating classroom with over 40 options for students to choose from for their seating for the day. I am obsessed with my "second home" and love sharing about all of the fun and engaging activities I do with my students!

About CassieDahl.com
This site contains a variety of resources and activities. If you teach science, literacy, math or social studies... you will find something here! Of course, there are some technology ideas and resources thrown in there too. I teach in a 1:1 iPad district so my students have access to technology every day. We use it multiple times a day for a variety of purposes. I am a tech nerd through and through. With the deepest part of my being, I believe that technology can make a difference in the education of a student if it is used appropriately.

About Me... A Bit More Personal!
I am happily married to an absolute rockstar husband who is a Special Ed (EBD) teacher in the same building as me! We have a spunky 2 year old little girl who keeps us on our toes! Add two fur babies (pugs) to the mix and that's our chaotic little corner of the world!

Let's Stay Connected!
I am so happy that you are here! I would love to get to know you better. Drop me a comment, find me on social media or reach out via e-mail (heythere@cassiedahl.com). You can also join my e-mail list by adding your e-mail to the drop down menu on any page! I love sending you freebies and creative ideas right to your inbox! Building a community of teachers is essential for professional development (plus it helps us keep our sanity)!

Until Next Time,
Cassie Dahl

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